The Great Egg Relay

Date started: 12 January 2012
Date completed:  12 January 2012
Number of Cubs: 31

Challenge Report
This was most definitely the messiest relay race we have ever done at Cubs! Every Six was given a raw egg and a teaspoon. They had to transport the egg to the other end of the room and back, transfer it to the next Cub in line and repeat the process - that's six trips up and down! Unsurprisingly, we had some casualties along the way: a total of six eggs didn't survive the experience: greys and greens are the most careful Sixes with a 100% survival rate; whites and reds lost one egg each; blues and reds managed to kill two of their eggs. The Egg Destroyers were then given the job of cleaning up the eggy mess that they had created.

As we had a great many left over surviving eggs we decided to put them to good use the following week. Each Six was given a precious egg to care for, but the evil Bagheera wanted to destroy them by dropping them from a great height. Sixes had 20 minutes, two balloons, some paper, some sellotape, six lolly sticks and a few elastic bands. They had to create a carrier for their egg which would prevent it from smashing when it hit the ground. 

We had two survivors. And one of them had been damaged during the construction process. It was a sad evening for eggkind. The photos are included in this page.