Community Heroes Award Night

Date started
: 23 February 2012
Date completed: 12 July 2012
Number of Cubs: 32

Challenge Report
12/07/12: We started the evening by finishing off our trophies and certificates and having a full rehearsal. At 7.30pm our guests started to arrive and we soon had a roomful of heroes - more than 15 were able to attend. We opened the ceremony with a Grand Howl, so that the heroes could see the sorts of things that we do on a normal evening, and we then invested our two newest Cubs. The presentations started at around 7.45pm and all our heroes seemed genuinely touched to have been invited. We had some very lovely speeches, from both Cubs and heroes, and it got quite emotional at times! The Cubs did an absolutely fantastic job and showed that they were a Pack to be proud of. Once the heroes had received their awards we took the chance to give the Cubs some of their own. There were plenty of badges to hand out, five Chief Scout's Silver Awards, prizes for the Six of the term, a framed T-shirt for Hamish (the District Camp design competition winner), four swimming medals and a special award for Morgan who has impressively attended every single meeting, camp, trip and event this term.

14/06/12: Certificate and trophies have been prepared! These have been personalised by the Cub who invited the particular attendee: they are very beautifully decorated and we're sure that all of the recipients will love them. Only a month to go until the big night!

10/05/12: We have now prepared our invitations! The Cubs have taken them to give to the people they know personally and Akela and Chil have been given the others to distribute. Our award ceremony will take place on 12th July and we hope that lots of our guests will be able to make it. We just need one more planning evening to get the certificates and awards ready to present, and to practice what we are going to say! We're looking forward to a very exciting evening.

01/03/12: We continued our challenge by coming up with a list of names of people who we think deserve to receive an award. The Cubs thought about the people they know and also looked through copies of the Oxford Mail from the last week to find people who they thought deserved an award. Our final list needs a bit more work before we can send out the invitations, but our planning is now well under way. We hope that all our award winners are able to attend!

23/02/12: We started this challenge by thinking about exactly what a hero is. We came up with lots of good words, like bravery, courage, intelligence, thoughtful, kind and helpful. The Cubs then worked in their Sixes to create a list of people that they admired. They wrote down their name, what they do and why they admired them (lists to be uploaded soon). Using the list of people that they admire they came up with a list of suitable categories for our Community Heroes Award Night. We wrote these down so that Akela could turn them into a list of categories. Over the next week the Cubs can start thinking about who they would like to invite in each of these categories. Next week we will also look at local newspapers and together we will draw up a list of everyone that we would like to invite. 

Our categories list is:

Achievement Awards
  • Sportsman of the Year (includes best footballer)
  • Academic Achievements (includes intelligence/best scientist)
  • Author of the Year
  • Actor of the Year
  • TV Personality of the Year
Contribution Awards
  • Being a Brilliant Parent
  • Being a Good Friend
  • Being a Good Influence
  • Being a Great Team Player
  • Being a Good Neighbour
Community Awards
  • Community Service (Cub leaders are included in this, as are any anti-slavery activists!)
  • Great Sport’s Coach (includes swimming instructors/football coaches)
  • Local Fundraising Efforts
  • Terrific Teacher (includes music teachers)
  • Best Child Carer
  • Perfect Postman
  • Fantastic Farmer
Special Awards
  • Showing Great Courage
  • Golden Life Saver
  • Greatest All Round Individual
Rebecca Thomas,
10 May 2012, 01:17