Communication Wide Game

Date started
: 11 March 2012
Date completed: 11 March 2012
Number of Cubs: 38

Challenge Report
The Cubs were given the challenge of sending four Olympic sports around eight teams, using four different methods of communication. The first team sent their word to the next team who then had to send it to the next team and so on until it had made it all the way around the circle and back to where it began. Although the words didn't all make it round in perfect condition, we could still tell what sports they were meant to be at the end!
  • Semaphore: the Cubs used flags to spell out "Basketball" - this ended up as "Dasketball"!
  • Morse Code: the Cubs used whistles to blast the word "Weightlifting" - this made it round in perfect condition
  • Sign language: the Cubs used their hands to communicate the word "Taekwando" - this became Taeqwondo...
  • Phonetics: the Cubs used phonetics to spell "Rhythmic Gymnastics" through their tin-can telephones - this ended up a Rytmic Gymnastics, but we all knew what they meant :-)
We agreed that it was a very tricky challenge, particularly when you are tired and hungry at the end of camp!