Citius - Faster

Date started
: 19 May 2012
Date completed: 19 May 2012
Number of Cubs: 49

Challenge Report
This was one of the bases during the Saturday of our Friendship Camp. The Cubs were set the challenge, in their teams, of designing a building a boat which would travel the length of a (very long) paddling pool. They were given a set of equipment to use and shown some examples to get them started – and were told that the only rule was they weren’t allowed to touch the boat again once it was on the water. They started by sketching out their designs, before beginning construction. We had some great ideas and every team managed to come up with a boat which did at least float. Teams were scored based on how well they worked together, whether their boat actually looked like a boat and whether it successfully travelled the length of the lake. Some of them didn’t move at all, while others went round in circles – but a couple of teams succeeded in creating boats that went in a nice straight line and would clearly have kept going beyond the end of the lake. The winning boat was designed by a team that worked brilliantly together, worked well and really looked like a boat (it even had a little paper man steering it).