Date started: 12 January 2012
Date completed: 19 January 2012 
Number of Cubs: 27

Challenge Report
12/01/12: We talked about what a blessing is: something that makes you happy! Everyone then had to think of something which they considered to be a blessing - we had an excellent range of answers, from friends and family, through football, to PS3 and X-Box. Over the coming week every Cub and Leader must think of ten things EVERY DAY that they are grateful for and which make them happy. At the next Cub meeting everyone will pick two of their favourite things to read out and we will then combine all the blessings into a happy book for the Pack.
19/01/12: We each read out two of our blessings from the previous week. There was a really good range of different things and it was lovely to hear how often family, friends, school and Cubs were considered to be one of the most important things which made the Cubs happy. We talked about how it was lovely to have a good list of happy things so that if we are ever feeling down about something we can use it to help us remember all the things that we should be grateful for. Akela will be making all the blessings into a book which will be kept at Cubs. Here is an online version which you can read at any time - the lists are in alphabetical order by first name.