Athletic Visit

Date started
: 26 March 2012
Date completed: 29 March 2012
Number of Cubs: 18

Challenge Report
26/03/12: We arranged a visit to the Oxford City Athletic Club, which meets at the Horspath Athletic Track. It was a Juniors club night so we were able to watch the various different age groups in action (under 9s, under 11s, under 13s and under 15s). The Juniors' coach, Ian, spent to evening with the Cubs. He told them about all the different events that take place at the club and explained about the four main disciplines (sprint, distance run, throw and jump). He then got them warmed up, with the help of Alice (who is currently fastest in the country at 200m in her age group), before running a competition with them: 600m race, 75m sprint, vortex throw and long jump. They learnt about the techniques required in each of these events and were all able to have a go. One of our Cubs, Aaron, was talent spotted and Ian asked him to join the club as he thinks he has a lot of potential - all of our other Cubs were also told that they would be very welcome to come along and train with the club.

29/03/12: At the next meeting we made posters which advertised all the different sports we had tried and learnt about. You can see the posters here. We're pleased to say that Aaron went back to the club for the Wednesday session and has decided that he would like to join!