Adopt Part of Your Community

Date started
: 29 March 2012
Date completed: 27 May 2012
Number of Cubs: 12

Challenge Report
29/03/12:  We talked about what a community project involves and why it is important to do things which help people near where you live. The Cubs split into Sixes and each Six came up with a list of ideas for suitable community projects. They then picked they best three and as a Pack we came up with a complete list. Once we had our list we ranked each project by how difficult we thought it would be to do, taking into account all sorts of factors. Once we had identified the three most practical projects we took a vote and decided that an anti-litter campaign would be perfect. The campaign will kick off with a litter pick around the village on 29 April, followed by creating posters to encourage others to pick up a litter and an anti-litter diary to help make sure we help keep Kidlington tidy right up to and including Scout Community week (14-20 May).

29/04/12: Our litter pick had to be cancelled due to the terrible weather - in consultation with Chil it was agreed that the litter was blowing around so fast that the Cubs would be unable to catch it, and was so wet that it would slip out of their hands if they did. We have therefore postponed until Sunday 27 May - fingers crossed that the weather is better by then!

03/05/12: The Cubs all went home armed with litter diaries, ready to record the litter which they collected during the next two weeks. They will be thinking not only about picking it up, but also what to then do with it: we want to make sure that we recycle as we tidy.

10/05/12: The Cubs made anti-litter posters which they will be sticking up at school and in other public places in an effort to discourage people from dropping litter all over Kidlington.

27/05/12: With weather at the other extreme we all put on shorts, hats and sunscreen for our heatwave litter pick! The Cubs put on their protective gloves and split into teams to collect: metal; plastic; paper and card; glass; and general waste. We decided to focus on the school playing field and the local amenities, but start our pick on the walk there. Despite the very hot weather the Cubs very hard and managed to pick up more than ten bin bags full of rubbish, which we then recycled where possible. We managed to make a real impact to the appearance of the playing field, and the areas close to the school where litter was dropped. All of the Cubs will continue to focus on these areas over the next month so that we can keep it tidy and make a real difference to our community.