10 Mile Bike Trip

Date started: 26 January 2012
Date completed: 16 June 2012 
Number of Cubs: 16

Challenge Report
26/01/12: We talked about determination, endurance and stamina and agreed that we would need plenty of this if we were going to cycle for 10 miles! However, we are feeling reasonably confident as some of us have been on longer bike trips in the past. We looked at how far a mile is - the length of 16 football pitches, or the distance from the Scout hut to Sainsbury's. We all felt like we could bike to Sainsbury's without too much trouble, so we're happy that we could go there and back five times if we have some rests! We're looking forward to planning our route and we're going to make sure it's not too hilly...

14/06/12: We looked at a map of the local area and worked out the best route for our ride. For each section of the route we thought about the sort of conditions that we would be cycling in, what the terrain would be like and whether there were in particular dangers to be aware of. The Cubs each took one mile of the route, with some questions to answer about it before the ride on Saturday.

16/06/12: The Cubs arrived, with their bicycles, at 10am. We had a morning of preparations: each Cub completed three different bases, to cover the requirements of the cyclist badge. The first base was all about safety - we tested how much they already knew and filled any gaps in their knowledge to make sure that they were safe to cycle on the road. The second base looked at practical skills - they demonstrated they they could mount and dismount and completed a course to show that they could cycle safely before we went out and about. The third base was maintenance - the Cubs own bikes were all checked over, brakes were tested, tyres were pumped and chains were oiled, and they also all had a go and finding and then repairing a puncture in an inner tube. As it was Sam's birthday we stopped for a very special Cyclist Badge birthday cake before making posters to help others be more aware of cyclist safety. 

After lunch we looked at the research that the Cubs had done and talked about the route. We gave everyone a fluorescent jacket to wear and we also gave everyone, including the adults, a numbered sticker so that we knew exactly where we needed to be within the cycling line - one adult, then two Cubs and so on all the way to the end: 26 people in total.

We set off at 1.15pm (and despite the dreadful forecast there was no sign of rain - just lots of wind) and quickly reached our first mile marker - which was just before our first major road crossing (a roundabout on a dual carriageway with no lights!) We carried on down to our second mile marker and then turned off the main road and used the bridge to cross over the ring road. As we got to the other side we saw mile marker number three, but the promise of cookies and juice kept us going to Aidan's house. Michele and Jamie were waiting outside and all the Cubs were provided with delicious homemade cookies to eat. We were also allowed in to use their toilet - this was great as all our other toilet options were bushes! Feeling refreshed and refuelled we kept going, across Banbury Road and Woodstock Road, to our fourth mile marker, then through Wolvercote and along a cycle path to the half way point. We safely navigated the canal (fortunately the weather wasn't great so there weren't too many people around) and our sixth mile marker gave us crisps to eat and juice to drink. We then had a very boring stretch along the A44 (but nice safe cycle paths at least), past our seventh mile marker and up to our eighth marker, who had chocolate mini rolls for us! The ninth mile got off to a bad start as Matt tumbled off his bike, but after dusting him down we put him back on and he bravely kept on cycling. This was pre-designated as Sam's birthday mile as it was nicely off-road so we were able to sing Happy Birthday to him as we cycled - and at the end of the ninth mile (after crossing the railway) we were met with another birthday cake for Sam - unfortunately the rain that started -and lasted for only a few minutes - made it tricky to get the candles to light; but the cake was delicious and gave us enough energy for the final mile. We made it back to the Scout hut just before 4pm and every Cub received a special certificate to tell them how well they had done. Good work everyone!