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Badge News

Last updated December 2017

Well done to all of the Cubs who worked so hard to complete badges last term. You can see a complete list of badges completed by all our Cubs on our "Which badges have I earned?" page.

We has one Cub complete his Chief Scout's Silver Award last term: a huge well done to Vito!

Benedict is just one badge away, only needing to complete his Skills Challenge; Sebastian needs just his Skills and Personal Challenges; and Rose needs Skills and World (we'll be working on the Skills challenge this term!!)

We work towards Challenges throughout the year, often completing parts of badges over the course of several terms. The following badges were completed last term:
  • Adventure: Matthew, Megan, Lewis, James L
  • Personal: Finn, Rose, Vito, Wilf, Benedict
  • Team Leader: Benedict, James D, Rose

Our main badges this term were Equestrian, World Faiths, Personal Safety and Community Impact (finishing off Spring 2018). In addition we ran a badge work evening and a lot of Cubs worked towards badges in their own time at home - they are always welcome to do this and can just come a few minutes early to have their badge signed off.

A special mention to Bethany who gained our first ever Activity Plus badge - she took her hobby of sewing to the next level with some amazing bunting and a handmade bag.
  • Animal Carer: Bethany, Megan
  • Artist: Joe, William, Austin, Stanley, Reece, Megan, Finlay, Matthew, Ben, James L
  • Book Reader: Jack M, Jack Sc, Joe, Joseph
  • Chef: Bethany, Benedict, Ravi, Tom B
  • Collector: Bethany, Jack Sc, Matthew
  • Cyclist: Benedict, Philip
  • DIY: Philip
  • Entertainer: Megan
  • Equestrian: Philip, James, Bethany, Benedict, Jack Sc, Vito, Ravi, Megan, Sebastian, Lewis
  • Global Issues: Vito
  • Hobbies: Rose, Jack Sc, Jack M, Lewis
  • Martial Arts: Bethany, Ravi
  • Personal Safety: Joseph, Ben, William, Finn, Lewis, Sebastian, Ravi, Vito, Benedict, Bethany, Matthew, Jack M, Joe, Philip, James
  • Physical Recreation: Rose, Bethany, Jack M, Joseph
  • Sports Enthusiast: Rose, Jack M, Ben
  • World Faiths: Rose, James, Bethany, Benedict, Matthew, Jack M, Philip, Joe, Ravi, Ben, Joseph, William, George, Megan, Austin, Sebastian, Lewis, Reece, Stanley, Tom B, James L
  • Hikes 1: Matthew, Jack M, William, Megan, Lewis, Reece, Finlay, James L
  • Hikes 2: Joe, Ravi, Ben, George, Austin, Stanley
  • Hikes 5: Tom W, Joseph, Tom B
  • Hikes 10: Vito
  • Nautical Skills 3: James D
  • Nights Away 1: Reece, Wilf, Ben, Finn
  • Nights Away 2: Stanley
  • Nights Away 3: Matthew
  • Nights Away 5: Megan
  • Nights Away 10: Benedict
  • Night Away 15: Vito
  • Sailing 1: Philip
  • Sailing 3: James
  • Swimmer 1: Matthew, Ravi
  • Time on the Water 5: Bethany