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Badge News

Last updated April 2019

Well done to all of the Cubs who worked so hard to complete badges last term. You can see a complete list of badges completed by all our Cubs on our "Which badges have I earned?" page.

We had two Cubs complete their Chief Scout's Silver Awards last term: a huge well done to Megan and Joe L!

Lewis and George are now just one badge away, while William, Stanley, Ravi, James, Elliot and Edwin are three badges away, so we’re looking forward to seeing plenty more over the next couple of terms.

We work towards Challenges throughout the year, often completing parts of badges over the course of several terms. Last term the following badges were earned:
  • Adventure: William
  • PersonalJames, George and Megan
  • Skills: Austin, Ravi, George, Stanley, Edwin and Elliot
  • Team Leader: Joe L, Lewis, George and Megan
  • Teamwork: Aiden, Joseph C, Austin, Lewis, William, Elliot, Jack, Ravi, James and Joe C
  • World: Joe L and Megan
Our main badges last term were Astronomer (completed on Space Camp) plus Home Safety and Local Knowledge, both of which were completed during Pack meetings. Our Sixers and Seconder also worked towards Navigator 3 on Sixer and Seconder camp. In addition, a lot of Cubs worked towards badges in their own time at home and we had a big badge sign-off evening:
  • Artist: Ravi
  • AstronomerDaniel, Dominic, Edwin Ravi, Elliot, William, Ollie, Joseph, George, Austin, Stanley, Tomas, Oskar, Henry, Freya, Clemmie, Sebastian and Emily
  • Entertainer: Clemmie
  • Hobbies: Sid
  • Home Help: Sid
  • Home Safety: Dominic, Joe L, Edwin, William, Joseph C, George, Megan, Austin, Tomas, Oskar, Emily, Henry, Clemmie, Sid, Ravi, Jack, Lewis and Freya
  • Local Knowledge: Dominic, Jack, Joe, Joseph, Lewis, Tomas, Oskar, Henry, Sid, Edwin, Ravi, Elliot, Ollie and Megan
  • Martial Arts: Megan
  • Air Activities 1: Megan
  • Digital Maker 1: Sid
  • Hikes 1: Dominic and Freya
  • Hikes 5James, Matthew, William, George, Megan, Lewis and Finlay
  • Navigator 3: James, Matthew, Joe L, William, Finlay, Goerge, Megan, Lewis and Stanley
  • Nights Away 3Dominic, Freya and Sebastian
  • Nights Away 4: Joseph, Tomas and Clemmie
  • Nights Away 5: Matthew, Daniel, Ravi, William, George, Henry and Emily
  • Nights Away 10: Megan, Elliot and Stanley
  • Nights Away 15: Finlay
  • Nights Away 20: Joe L
  • Snowsports 2: Emily
  • Swimmer 2: Emily
  • Swimmer 4: Sid