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Behaviour policy

All of our leaders are volunteers. We are not paid anything, we all have full time jobs and we give up a lot of time to ensure that the Cubs have fun. This means that we should not have deal with Cubs who do not behave in the way expected of them. 

We therefore have a clear “yellow card, red card” behavioural policy, so that Cubs and parents all know exactly what is expected and how we will deal with any Cub who breaks the rules. 

Yellow cards will be given for the following:
  • Talking when they should be listening, including talking over leaders and other Cubs
  • Purposefully ignoring the instructions of a leader
  • Messing around and wandering off when they should be joining in with activities
  • Using inappropriate language, including swearing and name calling
  • Intentionally destroying or damaging property belonging to the Pack or to another person
  • Talking, giggling, making gestures or otherwise misbehaving during flag break and flag down
Any Cub who receives five yellow cards over the course of a term will be suspended from Cubs for one week. We may also set limits on the number of yellow cards that can be received in the run up to an outing or camp.

Red cards will be given for the following:
  • Fighting with other Cubs
  • Bullying of any kind (physical or verbal)
  • Receiving two yellow cards in one evening or during one trip or camp
Any Cub who receives a red card will be suspended from Cubs for one week. If a Cub receives two red cards (at any time) there will be an additional one week suspension and a meeting between a leader, a parent and the Cub to agree what action should be taken. Any Cub receiving three red cards may be asked to leave the Pack following consultation with parents and Scout authorities.

Any Sixer or Seconder receiving a red card, or regularly receiving yellow cards, will lose their stripes.

We would much prefer not to have to deal with misbehaviour, but it is not only unfair on us, it is also unfair on those Cubs who are behaving and want to get on with activities, so the above code will be strictly enforced. Your Cub’s attendance will be taken as acceptance by you of these rules.