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Our Leaders

We have an excellent leadership team, supplemented by our enthusiastic parents, but we are always looking for extra help. If you'd be willing to spare a couple of hours a week please do get in touch as we'd be very happy to welcome you into our Pack.

Becca "Akela" is the leader of the Pack. At our animal evening she was very excited to have a meerkat on her shoulder!

Alastair "Bagheera" is one of our assistant leaders. Here he is dressed as a pirate on our Pack Pirate camp.

Gary "Chil" has been part of the 33rd since he was a Cub and became a leader in 2011. This is his space outfit from camp.

Tracy "Mor" started as a parent helper. She had so much fun on a boating day in 2013 that she decided to join us.

Lisa "Shere Khan" joined us in 2016 as a parent helper. She was finally named on Space Camp in 2017.
Sara "Baloo" decided that she's like to help out with Cubs and she joined us as an assistant leader in 2017.
Allan "Mang" is the dad of one of our Cubs. He used to be a Cub leader before he had four children and he joined us as an assistant leader in 2018.
Hannah "Cuttlefish" is a Explorer Scout; her brothers were Cubs with Jacala. She joined as a young leader in January 2015. 

Matt "Fox" became a young leader in 2017. He is Wolf's twin brother and used to be a Jacala Cub Scout.
Jon "Wolf" is another ex-Jacala Cub Scout. He is brother of Cuttlefish and Fox and he became a young leader in 2017.
Jake "Lobster" is an ex-Cub and Sea Scout. His younger sister Megan is a Cub in the Pack and he is now coming back to help us as a young leader.