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Cub Scouts have several ceremonies that they take part in every week and also some which are saved for special occasions. The most important ceremonies are you Investiture, The Grand Howl and Flagbreak.


Your Investiture is a special ceremony where you officially become a Cub Scout. You will gain your Membership Award and you will be presented with your Membership Badge. Before your Investiture, Akela will help you practise so that you know exactly what you need to do. She will also help you with remembering the Cub Scout Promise and Law. All of the Leaders and the other Cubs in your Pack will be at your Investiture. You can also invite your family and some friends along if you want to.

Before your investiture you will learn:
The Grand Howl

One Cub Scout ceremony that you will see every week is the Grand Howl. This is a special greeting that the Pack gives to the Leaders at the start of the Pack meeting.

You will be shown how to take part in this when you join the Pack. The Grand Howl helps you remember you Promise to "Do Your Best".


At the opening ceremony, after the Grand Howl, all the Cubs face the flag. One Six will lead the ceremony each week and the Sixer in charge will pull on a rope to let the Union Flag fly freely. This is called "breaking the flag". At the end of the meeting the same Sixer will lower the flag.

The Flag ceremonies give you a chance to think about your Promise and also about the Queen and the country you live in.